Postponed Democracy (Gallery)

I belong to a generation that has never voted throughout its entire life in democratic elections might have decided the future and policy of its country.

You are ignored, you have no role. This status has led you to lose your feeling of responsibility towards your country. Thus, you withdrew from all the active social life aspects and you lost your role in decisions making, either as an individual or within a group.

I happened to see a complaints box in one of the governmental institutions. The box could not be opened as it has no clearance entry, it was closed and silenced, except of a crack to pass complaints. The scene seemed like a black comedy and a kind of madness! How could they commit such a mistake? Though the scene looked funny, it contained much pain.

So the box is only nominal. Everybody knows that no one reads the complaints, they will remain imprisoned inside locked boxes, just like the voices of the complainers themselves.

That box creates many questions and provokes many comparisons, and there is no doubt the box indicates the basic deficiency in the structure of the democratic activities in this part of the world. The incident can be applied on several other similar cases, as what is the difference between the complaints box and the elections
poll for example? Aren’t they nominal, too?

The idea of this exhibition (Democracy in the Arab World) deals with the critical political crisis and radical changes in this area. The exhibition addresses the meaningfulness and seriousness of the voting process as one of the most essential, noble and just political and social practices that build countries, form governments and achieve social equality on the basis of regular and peaceful handover of power.

The exhibition focuses basically on the freedom of voting in the elections, using a set of items served to form a complete structure that reflects the tragic reality of our countries.

Why democracy?

Because it is an insistent necessity and a hard to obtain a dream, because we need it more than others.

Majdal al-Bik